Go Back To Some Semblance Of Normal

It’s often felt, politics, and politicians, resorts to being, over – simplistic, and populist, in – nature, as an alternative to, identifying, the top path, to follow along with, regarding significant policy decisions, etc! We all realize, this horrific pandemic, along with, medical – related casualties, and concerns, also has brought, significant, dire economic/ financial/ job – related/ job – security, issues, which need to be addressed, in the meaningful, realistic, relevant, sustainable manner! The impacts, can not be addressed, simply, by, throwing – money, on the matter, nor, can, the overly, simplistic, counter – position, which states, we need to reopen the economy, regardless of the advice of public health experts, become the approach! The reality is, only, when individuals, feel it really is safe, and smart, to return to some – semblance, with the items, they previously, considered, normal, are they going to do so, in significant numbers, While, some, often either, ignore, not believe, or don’t care, in regards to the ramifications of continuing to spread herpes virus, most, will likely, be a great deal more cautious! With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 7 significant recommendations for achieving this.

  1. At least 70% vaccinated: Herd immunity, will only be exercised, when, about 70% of Americans, make vaccine. When, the spread from the virus, is, significantly, reduced, and – fewer, Americans, become infected, life is going to be returned, to a more, normal, way! Will enough individuals, get ready, and willing, to become vaccinated, because, as an example, just half of us, go ahead and take flu shot? Even, should they do, it should take some time, for that desirable results, be performed, and accomplished!
  2. Worldwide cooperation: Since, this pandemic, is worldwide, it will require cooperation, across the world, plus a mindset, to adopt control, over it, inside a public health care, way!
  3. Small preventive steps: Why do some, make this type of issue, of wearing a mask? Studies state, in case a large number of us, wore these, the issue would be reduced, by, 90 – 95%. In addition, social distancing, avoiding crowds, and, being ready to handle, temporary, inconveniences, must become far – more, wide – spread! These steps must continue, for a lot of – time, in spite of the vaccinations!
  4. Listen to the Public Health Experts: We must follow, and pay attention to the public health experts, and, not, some politician, who claims, to become, a comfortable genius! Following this advice, in the experts, may be the sensible approach!
  5. Government must prioritize people, and health: We’ve witnessed the outcome, when someone, equates, economic temporary issues, with health problems! The ramifications with this, just isn’t useful, with the well – being, from the public!
  6. Temporary financial support of all people: Many people, and, certain, industries/ businesses, in excess of others (including entertainment, and dining businesses), have suffered, economically, due to necessary closures, and public healthcare, necessities, etc. Our political, elected officials, have to take care of those, they serve and represent, so, we are going to, eventually, have the capacity to restore our nation, into a semblance, of, normal!
  7. Stop the spread: We must stop the spread! We are currently, experiencing, a huge number of cases, nearly no Intensive Care Unit, beds, available, in several areas, and, over 30,000 Americans, 30 days, losing their lives. Common sense states, we should take control, and bend – the – curve, sooner, as opposed to later!

Many believe 2020, was, an unimaginable, miserable year, in a lot of ways! We must give people, good reason, to feel optimistic, as we hope to have, a finer future!

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