A Life Of Fear And Uncertainty

Life is filled up with uncertainty. The current COVID-19 pandemic has risen vulnerability not just over the economy, business, funds, connections, but additionally in our internal and external wellness. As humans, of course we really miss security and also a sense of control of our lives and prosperity.

In fact, dread and vulnerability can leave you feeling pushed, restless, and weak within the heading in your life. It can deplete you sincerely and trap you in the descending winding of interminable uncertainties and quite a few pessimistic scenario situations in what tomorrow would bring.

We’re all unique in simply how much vulnerability we can easily endure throughout everyday activity. A few people apparently appreciate facing challenges and carrying i’ll carry on with eccentric lives, although some discover the arbitrariness of life profoundly troubling. However, all of us have limits. In the event that you’re feeling overpowered by vulnerability and stress, know that you’re in good company; a tremendous number of us are in a very comparable situation nowadays. It’s likewise important understand that however vulnerable and sad you are feeling, you will find steps you can take to more readily manage wild conditions, decrease your uneasiness, and face the obscure with additional certainty.

While natural meats not desire to recognize it, vulnerability can be a characteristic and unavoidable little bit of life. Next to no about our way of life is consistent or sure, and don’t forget that we have handle of numerous things, you can’t handle all of that happens to us. As the COVID-19 pandemic has appeared, life may change rapidly and eccentrically. You may have away from nowhere become debilitated, lost your employment, or finished up battling to set food revealed or keep the family protected. You might be restless about once the pandemic can easily or if life will in reality getting back to business as usual.

To accommodate this uncertainty, huge varieties of us utilize stressing being a device for trying to anticipate the longer term and keep faraway from frightful amazement. Stressing could cause it to appear like you have some handle of unsure conditions. You may realize that it will help you will find an answer on your issues or create the most noticeably awful. Perhaps in the event you simply have trouible with an issue sufficiently long, simply consider each chance, or read each assessment on the internet, you’ll discover a response and have the solution to control the results.

Sadly, persistent stressing can’t offer you more authority over wild occasions; it simply denies you of happiness with the current economic, saps your power, and keeps you up around evening time. In any case, you’ll find more beneficial approaches to accommodate uncertainties knowning that starts with switching your ATTITUDE.

No matter simply how much you make an endeavor to take out uncertainty and unpredictability through your life, the reality is you nowadays acknowledge lots of uncertainty consistently. Each time you go across a road, enter the driver’s seat of the vehicle, or eat in a eatery you’re tolerating a qualification of vulnerability. The odds of something terrible occurring within these conditions is little, therefore you acknowledge raise the risk and proceed onward without requiring conviction.


Trump’s Legacy

Many believe, history judges the term and service of a President, based – upon his legacy! While, this word, is usually, used, to refer to property/ money, left, by someone, after he departs this world, but, in the case of this key, historical reference, it normally means, how, history will remember, him, especially in terms of the impacts of his tenure, on the future of the nation, etc. In the past, when we thought about, certain previous President’s motivations, etc, we felt these individuals hoped to preserve their place, in history, and thus, protect their legacy, etc! Whether, one is a core supporter, or strong opponent, of Donald Trump, and his performance/ behavior, actions, in that office, we should agree, he will probably, have a space, reserved, in history, and, many feel, that position, may be closer to the Hall of Shame, than any Hall of Fame! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 7 areas of concern, regarding, how Trump, has handled the highest office in our land.

1. Abuse of Presidential Power: The United States President has many extraordinary powers, but, President Trump has handled these, in an apparent, abusive manner! His empty promises, and rhetoric, combined with a lack of genuine empathy, as well as what, has, often, seemed liked. taking excessive actions, in terms of the powers of his position, in terms of the Southern Wall, environmental protections, Climate Change, handling the pandemic, as well as potential misbehavior, when it comes to those, he appointed, etc, seem to point to inappropriate use of otherwise – necessary powers!

2. Ethics/ character: Many believe, you can judge someone, by the quality of their character, and, therefore, no one should be surprised by, this President’s ethic, in – office! For, someone, who campaigned, stating he would, drain the swamp, it seems, he created one, like we have never, previously seen!

3. Polarization/ Enabling haters: In recent memory, does anyone remember, any period, when this nation, seemed more polarized? Trump’s statements, behaviors, and actions (or avoiding some), seem to have the impact of enabling the haters, and dividing this nation!

4. Climate Change: After, decades of, observation, this leader has denied the potential ramifications of Climate Change, and, removed us, from the Paris Accords. However, at the same time, nearly all the experts, and scientists, state, we have a

5. Environment: For decades, our Presidents have made some degree of strides, towards, regulating environmental issues, in order to protect these, especially, clean air and water! In just four years, Trump signed Executive Orders, which may have significant, negative ramifications, in terms of sustainability, and protecting our environment.

6. Income Gap: The data indicates, the income gap, in this nation, is larger, than we’ve seen, in generations! Consistently, the wealthiest individuals and corporations have benefited, and the rest, have lost ground!

7. Furthered lack of trust in our Elections: This nation, historically, distinguished itself, pointing to our system, of fair elections. However, the constant rhetoric, misstatements, distortions, and claims, made by Donald Trump, have created significant harm, in this area.

Of course, some believe the pandemic and his handling, of it, will be the prominent component of his legacy, but, these 7 issues, indicate, the harm, may be, far more widespread, than one issue, no matter, how, horrific! Wake up, America, we can, and must, do better, in the near future!

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When Will These Actions Be Considered Sedition?

Although, much around the election campaign, subsequent election, many controversies, behavior, rhetoric, and actions, of Donald Trump, were distinctive from his predecessors, in recent memory, and a lot of of us, had numerous concern regarding the impacts on our Constitutional guarantees, especially, inside a relevant, and sustainable manner, as well as the potential ramifications, it had been even more concerning, witnessing, the rhetoric, and implications, he articulated, leading- up – to, and following recent election. Never before, do most recall, that polarization, on this nation, as currently exists. While there have been political/ partisan differences, today’s issues, largely – center, throughout the character, behavior, stability, and fitness – to – serve, with this President, along with the potential harm done, by his divisive statements/ rhetoric, unsubstantiated allegations, etc, and apparent willingness, to accomplish, say, and attempt, nearly, anything, to stay in office. However, we have been witnessing, a case of sedition, which can be dangerous, as well as a crime! Sedition is described as any overt conduct (including speech, organizing, inciting – to – riot, rioting, enabling/ encouraging others towards violence, and actions), that will encourage rebellion, against established order, along with the rights of others! Generally, and also this includes subversion in the Constitution as well as its guarantees, and inciting others, against established authority, and, norms. With that in mind, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 specific concerns, and, why, something need to be done, to discourage this kind of behavior, down the road.

  1. The impacts/ ramifications, including violence and disorder: Have you ever witnessed, any elected official enable others, towards violent, disorderly behavior, and false, unsubstantiated accusations, as we see today? When supporters in this President, take, on the streets, carrying rifles, as well as other weapons, within a threatening manner, and seeming to worship, Trump, if isn’t sedition, precisely what is?
  2. The American Election System: How can anyone, who casts doubts, around the security, and fairness individuals electoral process, and claims, that it was rigged, and manipulated, although, every major agency, and individual (including Trump’s appointees), states, the election was fair, no substantial fraud existed, doesn’t that harm this nation, within a concerning way?
  3. Lack of proof, or evidence: Although,we really should not be surprised, President Trump would head for this behavior, considering, political fact – checkers, have stated, for four years, he lies, at the concerning rate, if someone had proof, it may be one thing, but to carry on this behavior, continuously, encouraging/ demanding others, for taking extraordinary measures, to defy the voters decision, whilst keeping him in office, certainly is very much sedition!
  4. Intentions: To be considered, an act of sedition, doesn’t it seem appropriate, it will require one, proceeding, with in an intentional manner, to disrupt our body of government? Trump’s Tweets, and public statements, manage to clearly indicate, nefarious intentions!

Since, I am not an attorney, I can only theorize, when discussing, the essence of sedition. However, if the behavior is permitted, doesn’t it appear to blur – the – lines, between, legality, and sedition?


Tell Tale Heartless

While Trump will continue to ignite a furor over his election loss we’ve got to understand anytime public officials, police, and soldiers act across the law anarchy rises. These people including Donald Trump are sworn to offer and protect everyone. And, yet within the last few 35 years there were more instances that contain given rise to anarchy in your streets. When the United States has become subjected to numerous years of disingenuous policies the political corruption that may be now for the highest levels there are in decades has risen the numbers of impoverished millions to unprecedented levels. Not considering that the Great Depression has America seen such wide spread homelessness, starvation and acute poverty.

The lifeline that Congress today has trashed in hopes of rescuing the American public is apparently attached with an anchor. An anchor that could only drown millions more in a sea of hopelessness and despair. As Congress does so many times during the past few decades whenever there is a crisis they’re always Johnny then and there to rescue the have’s whilst the have-not’s carry on and drown. What they did on this latest stimulus is great example.

As wide-spread fear and anxiety is constantly on the sweep around the globe caused by this mutant strain of Covid-19 there still has become no real encouraging verification how the vaccines created in record time actually mintage one from contracting this deadly virus and also other mutations which are now surfacing. When other countries are actually swift to do something once the Pandemic struck last February and thought we would throw life lines of economic support on their citizens the US didn’t. While other countries issued safety protocols and restrictions were devote effect the United States again was an absence of and to late. Consequently, we now have the highest death rate associated with a country world wide. Not, just that but Congress is constantly fail the American public since.

This latest signal that Congress helps the general public through the passage with this latest stimulus deal they have got made it clear they’re so worried about the deficit as well as their own pocketbooks. This, once the country is failing. Today, a great number of Republicans as well as some Democrats remain totally transfixed on polarizing party loyalties while consistently and continually ignoring precisely what is good and essential for the country. It can be arguably said they forgot those hallowed words spoken by JFK when he stated “Ask not what your country are capable of doing for you but what else could you do to your country.” We should remind these gurus of political expediency that so that you can provide economic stability when in crisis would be to adhere for the Williams Theory Of Economic Evolution. It states that whenever you have more and more people with enough disposable income to waste, save, reduce debt and invest is the foremost deterrent with an unstable economy. Even before this Pandemic this nation had and really has the greatest Wealth disparity gap in this history and consequently it makes less financial stability and much more economic hardships for many of us Americans. And, now while using acute health crisis a result of this pandemic is responsible for the greatest humanitarian crisis we now have as well.

Never before these days have we seen such arrogance and utter defiance with the countries needs whenever you have great crisis as we’ve now. Congress has revealed by their examples they’ve got morphed into not just a body of self serving bureaucrats but hostile entities for the American people they can be sworn to offer. When other countries like Australia and New Zealand and in many cases Canada have replied to this Global Pandemic they’ve successfully succeeded in curbing the horrific consequences that happen to be attributed for the Covid-19 virus plus doing so they may be supplying their citizens together with the financial resources to have their countries stable. In Australia and New Zealand each citizen receives a by- monthly stimulus of $1500 and Canada’s monthly stimulus is $2000 until next spring. The United States meanwhile certain people in our Congress always thwart any effort to stabilize our country.

What our congress is performing is holding the American people hostage at any given time of great urgency to behave to stave off what on earth is now an increasing humanitarian catastrophe. And, you think that this latest stimulus of direct cash of $600 single time infusion into peoples pocketbooks will probably cut it? It is time we the folks rally behind a unified effort to have congress to again pass another vital and necessary stimulus bill with monthly cash payments of $2000 until November of 2021 to all or any Americans whose yearly incomes come under $150,000. Failure to take action only precludes more economic devastation, more acute poverty, and greater chances this pandemic will carry on and ravage the continent.