Trump’s Legacy

Many believe, history judges the term and service of a President, based – upon his legacy! While, this word, is usually, used, to refer to property/ money, left, by someone, after he departs this world, but, in the case of this key, historical reference, it normally means, how, history will remember, him, especially in terms of the impacts of his tenure, on the future of the nation, etc. In the past, when we thought about, certain previous President’s motivations, etc, we felt these individuals hoped to preserve their place, in history, and thus, protect their legacy, etc! Whether, one is a core supporter, or strong opponent, of Donald Trump, and his performance/ behavior, actions, in that office, we should agree, he will probably, have a space, reserved, in history, and, many feel, that position, may be closer to the Hall of Shame, than any Hall of Fame! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 7 areas of concern, regarding, how Trump, has handled the highest office in our land.

1. Abuse of Presidential Power: The United States President has many extraordinary powers, but, President Trump has handled these, in an apparent, abusive manner! His empty promises, and rhetoric, combined with a lack of genuine empathy, as well as what, has, often, seemed liked. taking excessive actions, in terms of the powers of his position, in terms of the Southern Wall, environmental protections, Climate Change, handling the pandemic, as well as potential misbehavior, when it comes to those, he appointed, etc, seem to point to inappropriate use of otherwise – necessary powers!

2. Ethics/ character: Many believe, you can judge someone, by the quality of their character, and, therefore, no one should be surprised by, this President’s ethic, in – office! For, someone, who campaigned, stating he would, drain the swamp, it seems, he created one, like we have never, previously seen!

3. Polarization/ Enabling haters: In recent memory, does anyone remember, any period, when this nation, seemed more polarized? Trump’s statements, behaviors, and actions (or avoiding some), seem to have the impact of enabling the haters, and dividing this nation!

4. Climate Change: After, decades of, observation, this leader has denied the potential ramifications of Climate Change, and, removed us, from the Paris Accords. However, at the same time, nearly all the experts, and scientists, state, we have a very, narrow window, in terms of addressing this danger, proactively, before it will be too late!

5. Environment: For decades, our Presidents have made some degree of strides, towards, regulating environmental issues, in order to protect these, especially, clean air and water! In just four years, Trump signed Executive Orders, which may have significant, negative ramifications, in terms of sustainability, and protecting our environment.

6. Income Gap: The data indicates, the income gap, in this nation, is larger, than we’ve seen, in generations! Consistently, the wealthiest individuals and corporations have benefited, and the rest, have lost ground!

7. Furthered lack of trust in our Elections: This nation, historically, distinguished itself, pointing to our system, of fair elections. However, the constant rhetoric, misstatements, distortions, and claims, made by Donald Trump, have created significant harm, in this area.

Of course, some believe the pandemic and his handling, of it, will be the prominent component of his legacy, but, these 7 issues, indicate, the harm, may be, far more widespread, than one issue, no matter, how, horrific! Wake up, America, we can, and must, do better, in the near future!

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