When Will These Actions Be Considered Sedition?

Although, much around the election campaign, subsequent election, many controversies, behavior, rhetoric, and actions, of Donald Trump, were distinctive from his predecessors, in recent memory, and a lot of of us, had numerous concern regarding the impacts on our Constitutional guarantees, especially, inside a relevant, and sustainable manner, as well as the potential ramifications, it had been even more concerning, witnessing, the rhetoric, and implications, he articulated, leading- up – to, and following recent election. Never before, do most recall, that polarization, on this nation, as currently exists. While there have been political/ partisan differences, today’s issues, largely – center, throughout the character, behavior, stability, and fitness – to – serve, with this President, along with the potential harm done, by his divisive statements/ rhetoric, unsubstantiated allegations, etc, and apparent willingness, to accomplish, say, and attempt, nearly, anything, to stay in office. However, we have been witnessing, a case of sedition, which can be dangerous, as well as a crime! Sedition is described as any overt conduct (including speech, organizing, inciting – to – riot, rioting, enabling/ encouraging others towards violence, and actions), that will encourage rebellion, against established order, along with the rights of others! Generally, and also this includes subversion in the Constitution as well as its guarantees, and inciting others, against established authority, and, norms. With that in mind, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 specific concerns, and, why, something need to be done, to discourage this kind of behavior, down the road.

  1. The impacts/ ramifications, including violence and disorder: Have you ever witnessed, any elected official enable others, towards violent, disorderly behavior, and false, unsubstantiated accusations, as we see today? When supporters in this President, take, on the streets, carrying rifles, as well as other weapons, within a threatening manner, and seeming to worship, Trump, if isn’t sedition, precisely what is?
  2. The American Election System: How can anyone, who casts doubts, around the security, and fairness individuals electoral process, and claims, that it was rigged, and manipulated, although, every major agency, and individual (including Trump’s appointees), states, the election was fair, no substantial fraud existed, doesn’t that harm this nation, within a concerning way?
  3. Lack of proof, or evidence: Although,we really should not be surprised, President Trump would head for this behavior, considering, political fact – checkers, have stated, for four years, he lies, at the concerning rate, if someone had proof, it may be one thing, but to carry on this behavior, continuously, encouraging/ demanding others, for taking extraordinary measures, to defy the voters decision, whilst keeping him in office, certainly is very much sedition!
  4. Intentions: To be considered, an act of sedition, doesn’t it seem appropriate, it will require one, proceeding, with in an intentional manner, to disrupt our body of government? Trump’s Tweets, and public statements, manage to clearly indicate, nefarious intentions!

Since, I am not an attorney, I can only theorize, when discussing, the essence of sedition. However, if the behavior is permitted, doesn’t it appear to blur – the – lines, between, legality, and sedition?

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